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I’ve compiled a list of my favorite cracking wordlists of different sizes and types. These lists are designed to be used with john/thc-hydra/aircrack-ng/oclhashcat and more. One password to a line.

The Lists

All lists are gzipped to save bandwidth. Total passwords included in each file is noted to the side, and was generated with:

zcat passfile.gz | wc -l

Total all lists: 2779697215 unique passwords

adjective_noun_3_digits.lst.gz: 1802841920 lines 4.1G

breachcompletion_no_emails.lst.gz: 378839348 lines 1.3G

custom_wpa.lst.gz: 185866729 lines 296M

rockyou.lst.gz: 14344391 lines 51M

super_wpa.lst.gz: 982963903 lines 4.3G

john.lst.gz: 3559 lines 14K

top_1000000.lst.gz: 999998 lines 3.8M

top_100.lst.gz: 101 lines 459B

I have also compiled this into a torrent for those who want them all.

This post is licensed under CC BY 4.0 by the author.

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