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Wordlists for Password Cracking

These wordlists are 1 password to each line. Suitable for use with John the Ripper, THC-Hydra, Aircrack-NG, oclHashcat, and other bruteforcing software.

List Specifics

All lists are gzipped to save bandwidth. Total passwords included in each file is noted to the side, and was generated with: zcat passfile.gz | wc -l

I have also compiled this into a torrent for those who want them all.

List LinkSizeAbout list
dicassassin.lst.gz*23109038633 lines* 64GLargest hosted here, the dictionary assassin.
rockyou2021.lst.gz*8459060239 lines* 25GHuge wordlist, an upgraded rockyou.lst.
super-wpa.lst.gz*982963903 lines* 4.3GList designed for WPA wifi cracking.
adjective_noun_3_digits_router.lst.gz*1802841920 lines* 4.1GLarge wordlist for wifi routers.
rockyou.lst.gz*14344391 lines* 51MGood medium sized all around list.
bt4-password.lst.gz*1652903 lines* 5.2MBundled with kali/backtrack, medium sized.
darkweb2017-top10000.lst.gz*9999 lines* 40KPasses in order from most used.
john_password.lst.gz*3559 lines* 14KShort list bundled with John The Ripper.
top_100_in_order.lst.gz*100 lines* 498BVery short, for rate limited cracks.
quick_qrack.lst.gz*52 lines* 261BVery short, for online cracks, in order.