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Wordlists for Password Cracking

These wordlists are 1 password to each line. Suitable for use with John the Ripper, THC-Hydra, Aircrack-NG, oclHashcat, and other bruteforcing software.

Note: You may find my John the Ripper tutorial worth it, or the writeup on cracking Bitcoin wallet.dat files if you are here.

List Specifics

All lists are gzipped to save bandwidth. Total passwords included in each file is noted to the side, and was generated with: zcat passfile.gz | wc -l

I have also compiled this into a torrent for those who want them all.

Note: I have disabled hotlinking to prevent abuse of my bandwidth! If you want to download these wordlists from a terminal, you’ll need to set the referer, ex: curl -e "https://oxasploits.com" https://oxasploits.com/wordlists/lst/quick_qrack.lst.gz --output quick_qrack.lst.gz to download them!

List Link Size About list
dicassassin.lst.gz *23109038633 lines* 64G Largest hosted here, the dictionary assassin.
rockyou2021.lst.gz *8459060239 lines* 25G Huge wordlist, an upgraded rockyou.lst.
adjective_noun_3_digits_router.lst.gz *1802841920 lines* 4.1G Large wordlist for wifi routers.
rockyou.lst.gz *14344391 lines* 51M Good medium sized all around list.
bt4-password.lst.gz *1652903 lines* 5.2M Bundled with kali/backtrack, medium sized.
darkweb2017-top10000.lst.gz *9999 lines* 40K Passes in order from most used.
john_password.lst.gz *3559 lines* 14K Short list bundled with John The Ripper.
top_100_in_order.lst.gz *100 lines* 498B Very short, for rate limited cracks.
quick_qrack.lst.gz *52 lines* 261B Very short, for online cracks, in order.