Previous endeavors we have undertaken here at oxasploits

Worked closely with the customer to design a custom iptables configuration adapted to his needs. We correctly firewalled off the machine itself, the network behind it, assisted with installation, and provided extended support.
Kevin S.

Unspecified blockchain technology support.

We setup virtual machines with similar configurations of different IDS setups and then tested the performance of each machine while stress testing them with metasploit, and raw throughput against different config options. We collected statistics on each machine, such as CPU utilization, memory use, and network throughput and latency.

We used an SSH connection with an uncommon encryption setup to punch through the Iranian firewall to assist journalists abroad in connecting to the rest of the clear net without being blocked. This solution was not ideal, but we tried everything from squid proxies to Wiregaurd and OpenVPN – as their firewall does deep packet inspection. We got through.