Sale!!! Most services 60% off or more!
Service Price
Custom (offsite hosted) Linux server software setup ($75 base + $40/hr)
Snort, Suricata, iptables, and other firewall setup ($100)
Code Reviews (C, C++, Bash, Perl, Python, PHP) ($4/line)
Penetration Tests ($700/machine, negotiable)
Vulnerability Research (Depends on project size, email or call for quote)
Technical Whitepapers ($40/hr on project)
Cybersecurity Mentoring ($50 per hour long session)
Other Technical Services (Email for Call)

Minimum Fee: ($50.00).
Contact me by email at or by phone at 336-577-9584 to inquire about a free assessment.

Make checks payable to Marshall Whittaker.

I take checks, venmo, paypal and bitcoin. All currencies are in USD.

If emailing, please include “oxasploits - service” in the subject line so I know the email takes priority and my spam filters won’t drop it!

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