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The Writeups

The site you are currently on, oxasploits.com . You can find all previous whitepapers and writeups on the Archives Page.


A helpful and entertaining AI chat bot backed by OpenAI (GPT3 ) that is active in a couple IRC channels (#2600 on 2600net, #gpt3 on 2600net, #openai on libera.chat, and #botters-test on libera.chat… plus a few more private channels, currently), we lovingly call Franklin. If you want more information on Franklin, or are interested in hosting it in one of your channels.


A secure terminal based paste utilty . SSL encrypted start to finish. You can paste to it using ncat or openssl. alias sp='openssl s_client -quiet -verify_return_error -servername spaste.oxasploits.com -connect spaste.oxasploits.com:8888 2>/dev/null' or alias sp='ncat --ssl --ssl-verify spaste.oxasploits.com 8888' then, you can pate using cat /etc/passwd | sp, which will return a HTTPS encrypted URL.

The Exploit Archive

Also found under the exploits tab, the entirety of my public exploit repo can be found on GitHub . Please play nicely, some of these can cause you major legal issues if used on systems you are unauthorized to use them on!