The Writeups

The site you are currently on, You can find all previous whitepapers and writeups on the Archives Page.


A helpful and entertaining AI chat bot backed by OpenAI (GPT3) that is active in a couple IRC channels (#2600 on 2600net, #gpt3 on 2600net, #openai on, and #botters-test on… plus a few more private channels, currently), we lovingly call Franklin. If you want more information on Franklin, or are interested in hosting it in one of your channels.


A secure terminal based paste utility. SSL encrypted start to finish. You can paste to it using openssl. alias sp='openssl s_client -quiet -verify_return_error -servername -connect 2>/dev/null' or alias sp='ncat --ssl --ssl-verify 8888' then, you can pate using cat /etc/passwd | sp, which will return a HTTPS encrypted URL.

The Exploit Archive

Also found under the exploits tab, the entirety of my public exploit repo can be found on GitHub. Please play nicely, some of these can cause you major legal issues if used on systems you are unauthorized to use them on!


A software jiggler designed to connect to a OS independent machine via Bluetooth and inhibit the screensaver from locking the machine in the event full disk encryption is in place.


PuJack is designed for Jekyll sites (like oxasploits!) that will compress images to a user defined level, minify HTML, JS, and CSS, and pushes the entire site either live or to a staging server for review. Complete with threading and progress indication bars.


A flexible blackbox fuzzer developed in C++, primarily used for finding bugs in binary applications.


Malware payloads packed and loaded transparently along side a real application or installer .exe using a loader. Multiple payloads available, designed in Python3, and utilizes pyinstaller.